Maverick National Bank

From - A History of East Boston by William Sumner - pages 710-711.

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The business character and prosperity of East Boston, in the opinion of many, seemed to demand that a bank should be established there for the better accommodation of those who would otherwise be compelled to go to the city for the transaction of their money affairs. Consequently a charter was obtained for the Maverick Bank, with a capital of $400,000, on the 28th of March, 1854, and it went into operation on the 18th of the following September [1854]. At first, it was located in the Winthrop block, which stands upon ground formerly occupied by the Maverick House and garden; but in 1856 (10th June) it was removed to State street, Boston (No.75), because, on trial, it was found that a greater amount of business on the amount of capital could be done that the Island of itself afforded, and that very many business men of East Boston could be more more conveniently accommodated in money transactions in State street than at first location of the bank. The present officers (1858) are as follows: - Samuel Hall, president; Samuel Hall, Wm. R. Lovejoy, Wm. C. Barstow, Noah Sturtevant, and Paul Curtis, of East Boston, and Henry N. Hooper and Martin L. Hall, of Boston, directors; Samuel Phillips, Jr., cashier; George F. Stone, teller; Alfred R. Turner, bookkeeper; William G. Brooks, Jr., messenger and clerk.


Nehemiah Gibson was for several years president of the Maverick National Bank, succeeding the late Samuel Hall, and at the time of his [Nehemiah's] death a director.

(From the back cover of "The Maverick National Bank Manual - Boston, July 1887)

From Pg. 72 of "The Maverick National Bank Manual - 1887

"This institution was organized as a State Bank May 10, 1854, and reorganized as a National Bank Dec. 14, 1864. It renewed its charter under the charter extension act of Congress, Dec. 14, 1884.

Mr. Asa P. Potter was chosen vice-president Jan. 14, 1873, and president Jan. 11, 1876.

Mr. Joseph W. Work was chosen assistant cashier July 1, 1879, and cashier May 1, 1884.

Mr. E.H. Lowell is assistant cashier.

The present directors are: Mr. Thomas Dana, Mr. N. B. Mansfield, Mr. Jonas H. French, Mr. Henry F. Woods and Mr. Asa P. Potter."

1872 Boston City Directory

Nehemiah Gibson was the President and a Director of the Bank which was located at 10 Devonshire in Boston.

1870 Boston City Directory

Nehemiah Gibson was a Director of the Bank which was located at 75 State Street in Boston.

Advertisement from Daily Kennebec Journal, Augusta, Maine, 24 Jan 1878


Check from Maverick National Bank (front and back)